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STC Precision (Thailand), backed by Japanese advanced technology, has ever produced various automation systems, we always challenge to meet the latest technology demands from industries. High Quality and good after-sales services are our first priority South East Asia in the past few years has registered tremendous growth in the electronic industries. As the industries get more competitive, firms are looking for ways out through automation and high technology processing machines.

STC Precision (Thailand) has embarked on numerous automation projects backed by professional support from Japan and other parts of the region. Quality and good after-sales services are our first priority.

To us, customers always come first. We have been developing into a knowledge based company all this years. We have professionals in Automation Control, Electrical & Electronics. Precise Mechanical Engineering and IT related system. We always move towards a new challenge.
STC Precision (Thailand) was established in October 2002 in the name of Ataru Engineering (Thailand) and year 2012 the name was changed from Ataru to KF, began its operation as a designer and manufacturer of factory automation systems. As the company grew it concentrated its effort on the development of laser applications including laser marking and laser welding for the electronics and semi-conductor industries.

STC Precision (Thailand) currently undertakes collaborative research, design and development work on factory automated systems to meet the needs of its customers and provide solutions to their requirement. Our team of engineers with expertise in automation control and machine processes also provides after-sales maintenance and servicing.

Over the years we have built on the reliability and quality of our systems as well as a customer oriented after-sales services. This has enabled us to develop trusting relationship with our valuable customers which provided us the opportunity to expand our business.